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YPO Certified Forum Facilitator

You want a YPO Forum experience that has the ability to change lives. I want to help you connect your authentic self to the process and psychology of the YPO forum experience.

Here’s How It Works

Starting with the creation of a deeply bonded forum experience, I’ll show you how the power of authenticity, empathy and positivity can help achieve better outcomes both personally and professionally.  Often it is about exploring the true grounding of forum and committing to the process to drive the true power of forum.

For Chapters

Forum Fundamentals
Moderator Training
New Forum Launch

Retreat: Core Process

Forum Supercharge
Forum Process Renewal
Custom Forum Retreats

Topics We’ll Explore on the Positive Psychology Retreats

“I’m a high achiever, why aren’t I happy?”

“I’ve created my bucket list, now how do I make it happen?”

“How can my Signature Strengths drive my personal success?”

“Without that deeply bonded forum experience, I would never have had the courage to sell an 85-year-old third generation business and take my life in a new direction. One day our group went from meeting each other for the first time to sharing some of our deepest vulnerabilities. Our experience showed us the power of authenticity, empathy and positivity and how we can use these qualities to achieve better outcomes both personally and professionally.” 

YPO Forum FacilitatorHow My Forum Experience Led Me to this Calling

When I first joined YPO in 2004, there was no opening in an existing forum. Everyone talked about the power of the forum experience YPO is known for, and I was longing for the challenge, camaraderie, and deep experience I kept hearing about. With no opportunity to get involved and no available forum to join, we decided to begin one on our own.

We were approved but had no idea of the processes and programs that make forums so effective. We wandered in the “forum desert” until a great facilitator pointed us in the right direction. With this encouragement and guidance, our enthusiasm developed into an incredibly strong, deep, and effective forum experience.

The bonds formed among the members of that initial forum gave me the courage to sell an 85 year-old third generation business and embark on a completely new life journey. The DNA of YPO and Forum runs deep in my veins.

That invaluable excursion taught me the deep muscle of a high functioning YPO forum. I could connect real-world results to the processes and psychology of the YPO forum experience. Now after being intimately involved in 2 chapters and 3 forum journeys, the ability to recreate that process and see lives changed like mine has led me to champion the forum experience as a Certified Forum Facilitator.


Ron Levene is an experienced advisor, investor, business leader, and YPO Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF). An accomplished entrepreneur, Ron serves as an instructor for the Boots2Business (Syracuse University) entrepreneurship program to give active and retired service men and women the knowledge base and skills necessary to start and run their own businesses. At the age of 50, Ron returned to college and obtained his Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania. His exploration of Psychological Capital and positive corporate culture has been adopted into a university business program’s curriculum and uniquely qualifies him as an expert in the dynamics of corporate culture. Ron also now teaches as an adjunct professor at Drexel University, Lebow School of Business.

Life Changing Member Experiences

CEO, Wholesale Distributor

Ron has been working with me for more than five years, during which time he has been integral to navigating our business through some very challenging times. As the owner and president of a distribution company, it has been invaluable to have someone action-oriented like Ron to hold me accountable to the milestone deliverables we have articulated together as a part of my strategic business plan. He has significantly helped me to execute on key projects that have made a positive difference in my P&L.

President, outdoor sports wholesaler

Ron’s extensive hands-on experiences has enabled him to easily relate to and communicate through our situation. He is clearly motivated by his immense desire to help and guide people, and he draws energy from others’ success. Working with Ron has been a pleasure and a privilege.

Business Executive, YPO Member

Ron has positively impacted me in my personal and professional life in a very meaningful way. Knowledgeable, caring, and strong, Ron has made me a better husband, father, and executive, and he has earned my trust and confidence for a lifetime.

President, YPO Member & private business owner

Ron is consistently my first choice to help me define the desired outcome. He constantly drives me to redefine my thoughts, create my own ideas and find balance.

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